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I have been in Auschwitz in the beginning of June 2018. I wanted to visit the place for a very long time to remember for those victims who had been killed here during the Nazi occupation. According the Holocaust Memorial Museum 1.3 million people had been sent to the camp and 1.1 million have been killed (960.000 Jews and 200.000 Roma people, homosexuals, Soviet POW’s, mentally challenged and non – Jews Polish).

The camp is dark and terrifying place even now. (Though, 76 years has gone since it has been liberated.) It has been a sunny day when I have visited the camp but it was very quiet. No birds or crickets chirping around just the deafening silence and spirits of the victims.

I personally think more and more people must visit Auschwitz to see the place and learn more about genocide what took place there. Though the leaders of the World said after the WW II ‘Never again!’ Looks nothing has changed because then it happened in Cambodia, in Rwanda, in Bosnia and many other places and now it is happening again in China.

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